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Ekatech performs both consulting assignments and deliver complete solutions within industry automation. We project and give proposals on configuration of industrial automation and process control technical problems.

Digital mechanical drawings are created in 3D solid modelling (CAD), and the functionality are tested in digital environments before any construction has started. Digital testing allows our engineers to reduce the time and cost in the prototyping stage, and efficiently find a solution designed for your needs and specifications.

Electrical schematics and solutions are in compliance with current Swedish standards and electrical safety regulations.
Programming solutions are delivered in renowned control systems as Allen-Bradley, Siemens and Mitsubishi.
We are familiar with most User Interface panels, with a specialty in Scada systems manufactured by Wonderware – InTouch.

With experience from processing industries we’ll handle any of your drive system problems
including but not limited to, frequency inverters ranging from 0.25kW to 250kW to a broad range of servo drives and encoders.

Safety, Risk analysis and CE-marking are deeply embedded within our company. Ekatech is up-to-date with the latest safety standards, with the proper equipment for testing, and the experience to do the work. Any complete machine we deliver, will be up to standards and carry the CE-mark.

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Södra Nissastigen 41, 333 32 Smålandsstenar, Sweden

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