Automation technology are constantly under development and are becoming more advanced, to meet the demand of systems that performs more complex tasks, and supervising several tasks at once.

The control system is the brain in every modern machine, and with sensors as its eyes, a high base of knowledge in sensor technology is required. Combined with precision programming, an accurate and efficient automated system keeps up a reliable production rate.

At Ekatech, we program control systems with safety and efficiency as our primary concern. Coupled with a productive operator environment and easy-to-use interfaces, we program smart systems, where the heavy work and calculations are performed by the controller and a reliable source code.
Our engineers are experienced system programmers, and are equipped with the software to connect to most of today’s industry controllers.

Ekatech AB

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Phone: 0371-42060
Södra Nissastigen 41, 333 32 Smålandsstenar, Sweden

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