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For pallet manufacturing, we at Ekatech have developed semi-automatic robotic cells, served by only one operator to place pallet material in a fixture, mounted to a rotary turntable. Our pattern protected tool features up to four high pressure nailguns, with a rotary pallet stacker, allowing the robot operator to stack pallets in both regular and an interwoven pattern.

The pallet material is placed by a robot operator into the turntables fixtures, and are then rotated into the robotic cell. When the robot is done nailing, it will use its pallet stacking tool to lift the complete pallet out of the fixture, and stack the pallet. While the robot is nailing, the operator is free to place new material into the other side of the turntable without any risk of exposure the robot in the cell.

We use CNC-technology for manufacturing the pallet fixtures, where every fixture set is uniquely designed to fit the specific pallet type of the customer.
The fixtures are premade, the time to change pallet type produced by the robot, is minimized since the operator can easily choose what pallet type to manufacture in the operators control panel, then swap fixtures.

The robots nailing patterns are predetermined in the operators control panel, and with our system, an operator have the possibility to modify nailing positions or adding new types of pallet recipes to your production.

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